Digital Transformation in the Fuel Industry

We drastically improved an outdated process for collecting fuel sales data for this client. This involved transforming the manual collection & entry of data from paper printouts to automatically retrieving data digitally from the on-site hardware and delivering the data straight to its end destinations.

“Anovium went beyond what we had originally imagined for our customer offering, including identifying a completely new feature structure that has turned into one of our key differentiators. They also provided an innovative and beautiful solution to displaying helpful data to our users in a way that was efficient yet enjoyable. One of the design elements developed by Anovium in particular drastically improved the usability and experience of our platform.”

Design Transformation of D2C Application

Updating Codebase for Fortune 200 Fin-Tech Company

While supporting an e-commerce platform, it was necessary to integrate with a prominent payment processor. However, the processor in question did not have SDKs that supported the latest .Net platform that was needed. In order to save time and costs, we got in touch with engineers from the fin-tech company to understand their roadmap and timelines. Interestingly enough, this resulted in our team migrating the codebase for them.

Engineering Scaffolding Engine for Rapid Enterprise Software Development

Facing a large buildout of a complex domain model and copious managed entities, we developed a custom scaffolding engine for rapidly generating code across the web application, including the back-end .Net infrastructure and the front-end single-page application, following material design standards. This saved the client a considerable amount, expediting the build-out while reducing the costs.

Research-Based Redesign & Development of Multi-vendor eCommerce Store

We re-designed this client’s e-commerce site and migrated them to a custom solution that allowed for multi-vendor listing capabilities – setting them up as a marketplace hub within their niche. With the refreshed design and expanded catalog afforded by the multi-vendor functionality, their sales shot up by a generous multiple.

Expedited Solutions for Health-Tech

After losing some of their resources, a health tech company was left with a knowledge gap and a software deployment that was not working as designed. We successfully worked with the executive team in prioritizing and providing solutions that would allow their business to keep running while they worked on acquiring new internal resources.

Reviving Deployment and Native Application for Insure-Tech

We shocked this client by reviving their technology within a week of onboarding. When this new client had lost their prior dev team, they were left with a non-functioning native mobile application and server deployment, which a prior team spent months attempting to revive with no luck.

After conducting a dev-ops & code base discovery, our team quickly identified critical issues. We pushed an updated TestFlight application, fixing critical bugs, as well as restored the AWS server infrastructure, repairing connections to orphaned databases in order to breathe life back into their technology.

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